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RaZberry 7 Pro – Z-Wave Shield for Raspberry Pi with an external antenna


RaZberry 7 Pro



RaZberry 7 – Z-Wave Plug-On Module for Raspberry Pi, Great for DIY Smart Home. Compatible with Z-Way and Home Assistant
Turns your Raspberry Pi into Z-Wave Controller.
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1/2/3A/3B/3A+/3B+/4B. It is even possible to connect it to an Orange Pi.
No additional or monthly fees. RaZberry price includes all the required licenses.

Extended transmission range due to
• 7th Generation Z-Wave chip
• The best-in-class antenna designed in the US (by Linx Technologies, Inc.)
• The top-notch firmware makes use of all the latest hardware abilities such as tunable transmit power

Certified Z-Wave communication stack ‘Z-Way’ provides:
• Mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as web-based interface;
• Easy and reliable backup including full Z-Wave network dump and automation settings;
• Notifications via push and E-mail. Battery draining notification won’t let you stay with dysfunctional equipment;
• Advanced diagnostic & network statistics tools, including Z-Wave sniffer;
• Configurable Z-Wave radio frequency (region);
• Optimized queue handling to speed up transmitting process;
• Ability to upgrade firmwares of Z-Wave devices;
• Strong Security S2 encryption standard;
• Easiest device installation using Z-Wave SmartStart. Just scan QR-code to include your Z-Wave device;
• Many 3rd party Apps and Services;
• Open HTTP API for your tailored integrations;
• Graphical UI for smart home automation;
• Advanced home automation using scripting;
• Extensive logging abilities.

Please note: The package includes only the Z-Wave plug-in module and the Z-Way software. The Raspberry Pi board is NOT included.

Download RaZberry 7 Pro instruction
Download RaZberry leaflet

Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 2 cm