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Z-Uno key features

Part of your Smart Home
Z-Uno will perfectly fit your smart home and help you to improve your home automation
Z-Wave Plus certified
Z-Uno is a Z-Wave Plus certified device. This ensures interoperability with more than two thousands smart devices on the market
Make your own devices
With Z-Uno you can create you own Z-Wave devices. Turn your favorite device into a Z-Wave one
Easy programming
Z-Uno is programmed like an Arduino: use Arduino IDE to write your code in a simplified C language and upload it in your Z-Uno
Connect your favorite sensors
A big choice of different sensors. Most of Arduino-compatible sensors will work with Z-Uno too
Made for creativity
Free your imagination – invent your own home automation gadget! Z-Uno do not restrict you – any device can become Z-Wave enabled
Big community
Z-Uno users are keen to share their work. Be part of the Z-Uno community!
Many examples available
There are many different examples shared by the Z-Uno community. Combine existing examples to make more complex devices
A Swiss Army knife in the Z-Wave world
Z-Uno can be a switch, a dimmer, a security sensor, an environmental sensor, a meter. Or even all of them at once. Combine up to 32 different features in one...



Technical details, various examples and Z-Uno programming language reference are available on z-uno.z-wave.me


Z-Wave Plus Product

Z-Uno is a Z-Wave Plus certified device and is compatible with other Z-Wave devices and controllers


Made by Z-Wave.Me

Z-Uno was crafted with love by the Z-Wave.Me team — creator of the famous RaZberry and Z-Way